Command Description - Usage: .command (Required) {Optional}
clear Clears a quantity of messages. Usage: .clear {Number of Messages}
kick Kick a user. Usage: .kick (Mention User) {Reason}
ban Ban a user. Usage: .ban (Mention User) {Reason}
cooldown Shows current cooldown for commands. Usage: .cooldown
invite Invite RazoringMinds. Usage: .invite
vote Create poll. Usage: .vote (Question)
serveremojis List server emojis. Usage: .serveremojis
server Get server info. Usage: .serverinfo
setnsfw Sets a channel as NSFW. Usage: .setnsfw (On | Off)
info Gets bot information. Usage: .info
dice Roll dice. Usage: .dice
8ball Get a question answered by 8ball. Usage: .8ball (Question)
ping Get bots ping and latency information. Usage: .ping
escaperoom Test your skills in a virtual escape room. Usage: .escaperoom
kill Virtually kill a user. Usage: .kill (Mention)
play Plays a song. Usage: .play (YouTube link | Search Term)
skip Skip a song. Usage: .skip
stop Stops a song. Usage: .stop
volume Change volume of music. Usage: .volume (0 to 100)
np Get information of currently playing song. Usage: .np
queue Get list of songs scheduled to play. Usage: .queue {Page}
pause Pause music. Usage: .pause
resume Resumes music after being paused. Usage: .resume
loop Loops currently playing track. Usage: .loop
bal Get your or a user's balance. Usage: .bal {Mention}
work Work and get money. Usage: .work
pay Pay user. Usage: .pay (Mention) (Amount)
serverlist (Owner Only) Shows servers. Usage: .serverlist
reload (Owner Only) Reload bot. Usage: .reload
eval (Owner Only) Evaluate code. Usage: .eval (Code)
yaoi 18+ Command. Usage: .yaoi
hentai 18+ Command. Usage: .hentai
ass 18+ Command. Usage: .ass
pussy 18+ Command. Usage: .pussy
holo 18+ Command. Usage: .holo
lewd 18+ Command. Usage: .lewd
phgif 18+ Command. Usage: .phgif
4k 18+ Command. Usage: .4k
anal 18+ Command. Usage: .anal